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Over the last 15+ years, Thomas J. Feliciano has helped numerous professionals complete their writing projects.

Below are a few words from some of these satisfied clients:

Dr. Özgül Özönder

English Instructor at Munzur University, English Language and Literature Department

Thomas Feliciano is a very talented, meticulous proofreader. … Mr. Feliciano is quite good at correcting grammar and choosing the appropriate words for the given context. He deals with the manuscript in detail and provides very useful suggestions for each part … Moreover, he is very prompt in replying to emails and finishes the given task on time. Another striking point about Mr. Feliciano is that he is very fair about the price. … Mr. Feliciano is available whenever the writer needs more support. I was very pleased with this first work for me, so … I suggested Mr. Feliciano to my three colleagues. He edited/proofread their theses or articles. … I highly advised Mr. Feliciano to my husband for his book proposal. My husband was also very pleased with the work Mr. Feliciano did in terms of his ultimate focus on the context, word choice, grammatical control, promptness and the price…

Mahmut Özlü

– Co-founder @ Gaga Yayınları
– English Teacher for 20+ years

Having been working together on the story books for our publishing house, Gaga Yayınları, Thomas John Feliciano has contributed a lot, not only to our company, but also to me as a writer, teacher, and an individual. He has inspired me in various aspects throughout the process when we worked together. Besides his professional attitude towards the work he is doing, his honesty and friendly character are also applaudable.

From the professional perspective, he is well-equipped, a great editor, writer, a creative person, and a very good teacher.

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