Thomas J. Feliciano is a New Jersey-native writer, editor, and educator based in Istanbul, Turkey. He has published several books and dozens of articles during his 15-year career. He has also edited hundreds of books, articles, and theses and has helped numerous academics, students, and individuals publish their ideas to the world.

He is currently the English Language Coordinator at the Istanbul Center for Research and Education (ISAR), where, aside from coordinating the department, he teaches the high-level English courses and edits the articles and books for the professors on the academic committee and researchers in ISAR’s employ. He is also an author, editor, and voiceover artist at Gaga Publishing in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. Beyond his writing, editing, and teaching duties, he prepares e-books for Early Modern Texts and proofreads the English-language submissions for the ISAM academic journal.

Publication history

Published books:

Books pending publishing:

  • Writing Styles & Techniques for Advanced Students of English
  • Al-Wardia
  • Poems for Assorted Lunatics
  • Olive Branch

Selected edited books:

  • The Story of CavCav – Mahmut Özlü (Gaga Publishing)
  • Tolstoy’s Journey – Mahmut Özlü (Gaga Publishing)
  • Curve Ball – Mahmut Özlü (Gaga Publishing)
  • Modernization and Societal Sciences in the Muslim World – Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk (Ibn Haldun University Press)
  • The Dog Tag – Mahmut Özlü (Gaga Publishing)
  • Qadesh – Mahmut Özlü (Gaga Publishing)
  • The Diary of a Thief – Mahmut Özlü (Gaga Publishing)
  • dozens more edited books.

Selected published articles:

  • Coping with Stress & Living with Peace – The Digest (March-April 2016)
  • Underwater Paradise – VUE NJ (Fall 2016)
  • A Face Behind the Glass Window – Visions Newspaper (Feb./March 2016)
  • Poets Hirsch and Stern at PCCC – Visions Newspaper (Oct. 2015)
  • dozens more published articles in print and the Web.

Selected edited articles:

  • Eligibility, Cause and Reason: Dabūsī’s Theory of Obligation – Prof. Dr. Murteza Bedir
  • They Cannot Be Left to the Brutality of a Cruel Group: An Ottoman Scholar’s Treatise on Dogs – Prof. Dr. Necmettin Kızılkaya
  • From Furū‘ to Uṣūl: Emergence of Custom as a Source of Islamic Law Prof. Dr. Murteza Bedir
  • Ottoman-Habsburg Diplomatic Relations during the Reign of Süleyman the Magnificent – Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Zahit Atçıl
  • hundreds more edited articles.

Selected edited theses:

  • An Investigation into Sustainability: Understanding and Behaviors of Individuals Across Urban Areas – Hasan Fehmi Topal (University of Birmingham)
  • Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Acoustical Performance of Multipurpose Music Classrooms – Ahmet Aslan (Abdullah Gul University)
  • Financialized Corporation: Value Forms Beyond Fixity – Tansel Güçlü (University of Sydney)
  • hundreds more edited theses.